Thursday, November 15, 2007

You Really Have to Go See This

Especially if you are at all around my age (ahem, late 30s). I got an email with a hilarious (and only slightly inappropriate) commentary on the 1977 J.C. Penney catalog. I found what I think is the original blog spot and am providing for you so you too can get a side ache from the giggles.

In related news, I was equally thrilled and distressed to discover that "The '70s" is an official historic time, if the makers of American Girl dolls are to be believed. Their latest two dolls would now be my age. Apparently, that would be the age of the mommies who have to fork over the cash for these babies, and their lifestyle accoutrements. Makes me glad I have boys who are happy with the 99-cent Hot Wheels from the Acme. (Ok, and several hundred dollars worth of Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway sets and trains.) The big excitement from the moms I know? Just in case you didn't get it yourself, you can now buy YOUR DAUGHTER'S DOLL the style-able Barbie head that was all the rage in my childhood. Yikes. Toys of toys? This is a little to Escher for me. And a $6 hairbrush for a DOLL? Mine are $3 at the CVS. Only Me, I'm with you on this!


brandy101 said...

Haha, I got that in my email last week.

Anjali said...

That 70s catalog was frickin' hilarious. The only way it would have been better is if I had had a couple of beers before reading the post.