Saturday, November 10, 2007

Smart Habits Saturday

It's hard to know if it's the Smart Habits Saturday, or just the right time, but lots of this is working for me. I would never call last week "low carb," but I was far more conscious about tossing another apple or a yogurt (yes, sugar, but also protein) into my lunchbox instead of something like crackers or cookies. And I have maintained the earlyish bedtimes (ok, the writers' strike is really helping out there), so that's promising.

So this week: another big one, in small bites: fifteen minutes of decluttering a day. Some days that might mean fifteen minutes of truly cleaning up (sometimes I poop out after a long day in the kitchen), or fifteen minutes of actually putting laundry away; so if I don't end up at Goodwill every day, that's fine. But I need to start retaking control of not just my project room, but the house overall. That is waaay too big a goal for now, though, so I have learned how to program my digital watch into a timer, and now off I go.

What Smart Habits do you want to encourage yourself to do? Visit here and get inspired!

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