Thursday, November 8, 2007


I wish I could say I've been working fifteen minutes a night and poof! But alas, that's not how this happened. Mainly, it was my husband, inspired by my start and then while I was out of the house with the boys, a neatness happened! There is a bonus to the end of baseball season.

It's hard not to love the expanded floor space--inspirational, that's for sure. And it gives me the room to work on the projects in the room! Woo-hoo!

Look! Floor space! The view from the laundry room. The teetering towers? Gone! Or at least pushed to the walls where I don't have to worry about them falling over before I deal with them.

It could be argued that "boxes on chairs" are not part of the end scheme for the design concept of the room. But straightened and organized shelves are.

And how about this desk?! I'm so excited about this. My husband found everything from "cable catchers" to wind all the wires to mugs for pens to herd the office supplies together.

I'm not sure that I'm even a third of the way there as we approach a third of the way through the challenge, but the key will be to not breathe a sigh of relief and rest on the laurels but to use it as a springboard ahead. Next stop: the piles around the room...stay tuned!


Anjali said...

Looks awesome! Way to go!

Mary said...

Yeah- good for you. I'm drawing so much inspiration from you and this challenge. I long for organization myself- some day.

Dawn said...

You are making good progress. You're giving me some motivation to get going on mine, tomorrow.

jennwa said...

It looks good. I think having things organized is great. A few day ago I organized my kitchen cabinets and I love it. I can actually finds things.
I always start out good,but in a week things get all messed up and I have to start all over. I hope you do better than I do in keeping it up.

Org Junkie said...

Hey way to go hubbie!! Fantastic, now for sure you've got to keep going! Great job!