Thursday, November 29, 2007

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me

Thanks for the tag from Lemonade & Kidneys!

1) The best vacation I've ever taken is to Wyoming's Rodeo Days. It was like a trip to a foreign country for this east-coaster. We rode horses on the plains, had a free pancake breakfast from the local Lions Club attended by thousands, saw Native American dances, a gun fight show (which totally helped me understand why gun issues are different there than where I live), a "Transportation Through the Ages" parade including the real Conestoga wagons that some families' ancestors had taken west with them when they settled, and an Air Force air show. Oh, yeah, and the rodeo and backstage tour--also amazing.

2) I hate the cold but I love the snow.

3) I love the beach but I hate the sun.

4) I was voted "Most Likely to Work at Disneyworld" after our band trip there senior year in high school. (I took it as a compliment.)

5) You know how they say "you never forget how to ride a bicycle?" Not true.

6) I still have my mother's world-class collection of almost 200 beanie babies scattered around the house. (OK, and some were mine too.)

7) I hate the slang words for stuff that comes out of your nose. We use the word "nosedirt" in our house.

Reading this and need a NaBloPoMo topic to tide you over? Consider yourself tagged!


RuthWells said...

Hey, MemeGrl, did we go to high school together by any chance?!

O said...

Yes, we did. Thought you knew who I was...?

RuthWells said...

No, I don't!! You can email me from my blog; I don't see an email address for you here?

(Now I'm dying of curiosity!)

O said...

Oh, but I like the air of mystery! And how flattering that you thought I was a "real" blogger without even knowing who I was. Fear not, all will be revealed (to you) soon, but alas! Off to make dinner and let you guess again...
Congrats on not missing a day of NaBloPoMo! Most impressive, and the only one of my bloggity friends to do so!

RuthWells said...

Oooh, you're MEAN! Making me wait! (If your first initial is O, then I might have some little clue.... but I've been wrong before. Once or twice.)

RuthWells said...

Bing! The penny just dropped -- the reference to your husband's 40th birthday finally hit the right synapse in my brain. I'm a dope! (And I had NO IDEA you were in love with him all through high school -- you certainly hid it well!)