Monday, November 19, 2007

Menu Planning Monday--Thanksgiving edition

Happy Monday, everyone!

Ah, a short week, and post-mini-vacation to boot. What could be better? Last week went pretty well; we stuck to things for the most part, and the recipes were good, or at least good for using what we had already (ahem, radicchio, ahem). The winner recipe of the week for me was the potato and leek flatbread, but it wasn't as big a hit with the rest of the family, alas. And, we found a half a lasagne in the freezer when looking for the sausages for last Wednesday and my husband asked very nicely if we could substitute. So we did; the sausage dish is on again for this week; and the lasagne was great. (Thank you, Best Babysitter EVER, you know who you are.)

Monday: Leftover smorgasboard. Finish the chicken, finish the lasagne, finish last night's pizza. (Guess who gets what!)

Tuesday: Hoisin pork from Dinner by Design. Have to say, it's been awesome having the half-recipes but I really liked the Super Suppers meals better. With the pork: rice, frozen snap peas. Which my older son enjoys eating by taking out of the shells, but whatever works. Pre-shelled peas are not on his "edible items" list.

Wednesday: Sausage, beans and spinach; rice to augment for boys.

Thursday: Sing along! "It's our turn to gobble gobble gobble!" (Alas, I only know the first two lines of that song and the last one. Gotta google that someday.) Girlfriend is hosting dinner; she's making one turkey, sisters in law and cousins are making the others. We bring cheese & crackers, pumpkin pie (totally buying that today), juice, corn pudding, and pearl onions, my father-in-law's favorite.

Friday: Leftovers, I hope, though I am also getting myself a turkey breast and stuffing mix to make what I like to make. I also might try this cake, whose recipe I found on hunt for Bundt Cake Days recipe. (Don't ask. They should have never, never told me that Martha Stewart's show moved to 2pm when the boys are often napping. I am not in the slightest bit crafty but I am in awe of Martha and her accomplishments.)

There you have it. Some leftovers this weekend, plus visits with family, and all's right with the world. I hope.

Wanna see what others are doing this week? Check out OrgJunkie and find out! Gobble Gobble!

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