Saturday, November 3, 2007

As If the First Set of Photos Wasn't Bad Enough

See, NaBloPoMo has been good for me. I learned how to post pictures, turn them, and caption them. HTML coding is still a ways off but I'm doing better. The next installment of Why I Really Need to Work on this Mudroom:

Here we have The Shelves. They might actually stay, not only because they are currently attached to the walls, but because some good deep storage shelves are a good thing, especially for the literally boxes of family photos I have from my mom's house that have yet to be sorted and in many cases distributed. They are perhaps not as effective for things like books and vacuum cleaner bags. Please also note the tower of toys, some of which were due to go in to storage, and others to be given away, until the boys started coming down here and remembering how much they liked these particular toys once they were pulled from the overwhelming piles in the playroom. Sigh. At least it keeps them busy while I (ahem) blog about the mess in here.

And, of course, my computer desk. This is where the blogging magic happens, people. Hard to believe I can even find the keyboard.

So. Enough blogging about it and more getting down to it. Though it really has been a great learning experience to figure out how to add pictures, etc. Hopefully there will be some "progress" pictures here sooner rather than later!

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