Friday, November 9, 2007

Maybe There Are Worse Things

You know how sad I am about the introduction of firearms to my son's play arsenal? And how I've been blaming the new nursery school, thinking how this never happened at the Quaker one?

Today we saw an "old" friend from the Quaker school and her family, and while the kids were playing together the mom told me that one of the new kids in the 4-year-old class was explaining to her child in the sandbox how awful b-l-a-c-k people are--mean, and not to be played with--and now her child runs around saying the same thing. (The mom kindly spelled it out because her child is obsessed with the topic, and she didn't want it infecting my sons.) To top it off, there are black people in her family that the child now won't play with. (The school, btw, claims this never happened, but from what I know, I suspect it did and just no teacher heard it--I absolutely trust they would have stepped in.)

Yikes. I'll take the guns, even though to my chagrin now the actual word (not just "shooters") has entered the vocabulary as of yesterday. That makes me so sad, and I know it's killing the mom, too. How in the sam hill does this stuff start, anyway? Not a good way to start a weekend, really....sorry for the downer. On to Saturday and Smart Habits! Got any for this week? Post on 'em tomorrow!


RuthWells said...

This is horrifying. I'm speechless.

Lilian said...

I'd also take the gun over the racism anytime now. I'm so sorry, though. I think it was just last week that I finally had to discuss the word "arms" (in the gun sense) with Kelvin. He's still not playing with "arms" yet, though, just sometimes doing some menacing gestures.