Saturday, November 17, 2007

Smart Habits Saturday

This week's Smart Habit: Crossing over with my other bloggity project: 15 minutes a day in the mudroom--NOT on the computer, but Going Through Stuff instead. It's not meant to be a forever habit, though I know people do it Every Day (and after that hoarder story on Oprah, I'm good and scared and think maybe I should); but if I can just use this week, with all its extra time at home, to focus on all the unfinished projects in that room--including the room itself--I think I can make a good dent. Wanna join with the Smart Habits crowd? Come here to Lara's blog and tell us what you're practicing!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


An Ordinary Mom said...

What a fabulous idea, we all have 15 minutes to spare. Even if I did this on a weekly basis, life would be grand :) !!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Most projects are so easy when we tackle them a little bit at a time. When we get used to the fact that life works that way things run much smoother.