Monday, November 26, 2007

Menu Planning Monday

Woo-hoo! Last week of November, here we come. My freezer needs defrosting in a big way so there may be some strange meals and a lot of repetition as I try to get this emptied before it's too cold to defrost until spring!

Monday: Leftover pork (from Dinners By Design: best yet from them) and leftover turkey breast. Rice, snap peas, broccoli.

Tuesday: Sssssh...we're going out to dinner for my husband's FORTIETH birthday! Don't tell. We're going here. I'm totally excited. The boys are going here with cousins and cousins-to-be (Girlfriend's kids).

Wednesday: Trader Joe's pre-cooked prime rib, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach. Haven't tried this before except in an in-store taste thingee; am hoping it's good.

Thursday: I really really really hope I'm out to dinner with my book group. We are reading Eat Pray Love and I am desperately heading for the finish line, as much as I've enjoyed it. (Local? Read the book and wanna come? Email me for details!) That means my husband and boys will eat spaghetti and meatballs.

Friday: Who knows? It all depends on the writers' strike. And I will need to leave it at that just in case my husband suddenly starts reading THIS WEEK. Doubt it but will have to leave you in suspense until then. (City Mouse-Country Mouse knows what I mean!)

Happy week, everyone!

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Domestic Goddess said...

OH! I really want to eat there! I hope it is good, please give us a full review!
As for the meal planning, that is the ONE PLACE I need help. I've done flylady for four years, my house is now clutter-free (mostly, it is amazing how much stuff just appears!) and is relatively clean on a daily basis. The one thing I just stink at is meal planning. Maybe because of the dietary needs/allergies? Maybe because Bugaboo eats nothing? Who knows...