Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Selling Out

Am I this desperate for material, that I'm flacking for the Thomas machine?

Yes, ma'am, I most certainly am.

A proud blogging moment, it is not, but Christmas is coming.

This giveaway site has three Thomas DVDs to give away. In something of a planetary alignment, we have none of them. So to enter the contest, I am to blog about what might happen if my kids met Thomas.

Well, they already have, of course. We head to Strasburg Railroad at the drop of a hat (or "Hatt," as it were). So both my kids have "met" Thomas, several times. My older one asks where Annie and Clarabel are, and whether Gordon is coming, and is in generally good spirits. My younger one is in that complete awe that only toddlers can get, without the full vocabulary--linguistic or emotional--to fully express the enormity of the moment. He is giddy and solemn at the same time, asking just to stare at him, absorb the moment, bask in the nearness, and then wave "Bye, Thomas!" every time he pulls out of the station with another load of passengers from Strollerpalooza.

I am in wonderment at how parenting changed me that these are among my favorite moments of the year. Santa comes but once a year; Thomas, at least three. And then of course, there is the Railroad Museum across the street to complete the joy. We even became members this year so we could go anytime we wanted. (Except, of course, ahem, for Mondays in November, when they are closed. Which I know now.)

So, if you want to see which DVDs our collection lacks, go link to the giveaway site. Heck, you can even register if you want. I have no fear. And apparently they are giving away other stuff too. Good luck!

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