Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Little Bit of Bloghopping

Do you have any interest in the inner workings of the Catholoic church? If so, you must check out Whispers in the Loggia. My friend Rocco is in his glory right now, sending dispatches from The Source--the Vatican during the week of celebration as new cardinals are elevated. Rocco was one of my workstudy students and knows more about the Catholic church than I suspect many seminarians do. (The new ones, at least.) His knowledge comes from a pure love of the institution (which the church would do well to remember is in short supply these days). So for him, this trip is like sending his brain and soul to Disneyworld, and it shows in his posts.

All kinds of holiday fun coming up, from Oh Amanda and Christmas Spirit giveaways to BooMama and her house tours. And I don't know if you'll be able to get to Target's "running guy" as my boys call it for much longer but it's been an absolute hit around here. My little guy, in fact, is calling, "The wunning guy! The wunning guy!" in a very worried tone now that he sees me on this page instead. (You see one of our first journeys posted on the side column. Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Kinda like a cyberversion of that, but with the goal of getting to Target's two day sale.)

Finally, on a downer of a note but an important one, especially if you are thinking you need a raise right now: you may be right. One of the women's organizations on campus ran a seminar for junior and senior women entering the workforce on how to negotiate salary. They sent along this link just in case these confident, well-educated women were thinking it wouldn't apply to them, and the already high offers they are receiving were "good enough." Watch the calculator figure out what the difference is between "close" and "negotiated to equal" over a lifetime and see if it helps nudge you to be a little more assertive in your next salary negotiations.

Have you ever negotiated yourself a higher salary? I have and it feels great. Look for that story and more in the meme Lemonade & Kidneys tagged me for last week.

Wishing you a good week out there on the internet and in your real life!


brandy101 said...

Ah, I will have to check out Rocco's blog...although I try not to even *think* of Rome because every time I consider most Hierarchical things (as it pertains to the Church) I get discouraged. I am best as a "grass roots" Catholic.

Although last night I found my mind wandering during the Homily, delivered by our pastor...I think it was one he recycled from a previous year becuause the "jokes" seemed too familiar. I guess there must be a writer's strike in the St. Edna rectory, too!! ;)

RuthWells said...

I negotiated a higher starting salary than the base offer for my current job (4+ years ago -- yikes!). I also negotiated an extra week of vacation and payment of my COBRA expenses until I got on the new employer's company plan. The extra week of vacation was a key point; not all compensation is monetary!