Monday, November 5, 2007

Menu Planning Monday

Phew! Made it through last week--though it was rough. Fortunately we've had a good family weekend to regroup, with lots of parent-kid time, structured and un-, so hopefully we're better prepared for this week. Also, I'm only working three days, which should help more than the choppy handoffs and half-days we cobbled together last week. Still, I'm thrilled with how last week went, both professionally, where it was a ball talking to such interesting, bright kids, and especially thrilled with the level of support from home, where my husband made a Herculean effort and some massive schedule juggles (working second and third shift, anyone?) to make it happen.

With that, the meal planning last week was a Godsend. This week isn't quite as challenging but it will still be important. Another challenge: I've kind of sworn off making separate meals for the kids. They are miserable when they are hungry, but eventually they try what we are having (at least the older one)...tonight, he discovered he loves chopped spinach with vinegar. Who knew that would be a hit with the four year old?!

Another note on the weekend: thanks to a recommendation from Lauren, we ended up with takeout from Buppha Thai, a newish Thai place on MacDade Boulevard that is lots cheaper than the Thai place that opened on Baltimore Pike. It was really quite good--and, while I was there picking up, I ran in to my friend from Your God Loves Me Too and her husband, out for a date, also from Lauren's blog. It's a small bloggity world. Her husband even provided a nice peach wheat beer for my husband to try that they'd brought along!

Finally, this week, some of the meals are from Dinner by Design, another meal assembly place similar to Super Suppers, but with the bonus that they are in Media, which is closer, and allow you to buy half-portions, which feed 2-3, which works much better for us. We started trying them tonight with the chicken kiev. It was ok, but not an out-of-the-park hit like almost everything from Super Suppers. Still, it was the first of six meals so we'll see how it goes from here. AND, our older son ate almost an entire chicken breast himself! He liked the "crumbs" (crust); and he liked the meat with the vinegar on it. (Apparently we're related.) On to this week!

Monday: leftover Thai for my husband...boys and I will be eating out somewhere. We're taking a mystery ride, either to the shore or the train museum. Either way, we'll dine on the way home.

Tuesday: Dinner By Design's Alfredo Chicken Dijon, salad

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes, maple squash, carrots & celery, leftover rice or potatoes

Thursday: leftovers or lasagne (thanks to City Mouse-Country Mouse!), salad

Friday: Big excitement: our high school (including three nieces/nephews in the marching band) is in the playoffs with the other high school in the county where our other nephews go! So it's band vs band, and taxes (ours & cousins) vs taxes (cousins and grandparents) in a big showdown. Tailgate city, folks!

Saturday: Hoping to go to Saturday Supper with our Mothers and More group. And get the boys haircuts.

But that's another story for another day. Happy week everyone!

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tegdirb92 said...

your menu plan sounds delicious!! Have a great week.