Sunday, November 4, 2007

Smart Habits...uh...Sunday--back to lowish carb

Hey, it's NaBloPoMo. Gotta hoard my topics.

Last week, I had moderate success with the earlier bedtimes. I'm embarrassed to admit that "moderate success" means I was in bed every night by 12:30, with no single-digit bedtimes. I'll take it, and I feel better too.

This week's smart habit: back on my reduced-carb diet. It's been a crazy week with work, Halloween, the last day of soccer (=crates of soft pretzels) and my scale shows it...nothing dramatic, but just not a good trend either. So I'm trying to remind myself that this is blip, not a permanent situation, and to drink my water and get myself shopping for more fruits and veggies, and more lean proteins.

So boring to read about my food issues, I'm sure, but there's my Smart Habit for the week. Wanna join in with yours? Visit here to get on board!


Rebecca said...

That sounds like my usual bedtime too, good job on no single digit bed times! Good luck this week!

Rachel said...

I love the "smart habits" idea. I'm joining up! How did you post the cool stuff on your sidebar about NaBlo... and the organizational challenge?