Friday, November 30, 2007

The End of the Road

I don't know if it was NaBloPoMo, my first November working outside the home in four years, the six books at once that I'm trying to read, the Organizational Challenge (more on that later), or the weather, but I am stunned that it is December tomorrow.

I have learned a ton this month. I am glad I did NaBloPoMo to force me out of my meme-only postings, though I am still far more comfortable within the confines of a stated topic. (Sixth grade freewrites, anyone?)

I have loved reading so many other peoples sites and give special awe to Shelley and Lemonade & Kidneys, who actually posted every day (woo-hoo!) and are eligible for the goodies.

And while I will really miss reading everyone's everyday posts (ahem, Anjali), I certainly understand why they might drop off from here. And I am blinking in bewilderment at Finslippy, who had so much fun with the month that she is continuing daily. Hurray for her and me, her reader, but wow. I'm glad to get a break.

Now excuse me while I go finish cleaning my room. I have six hours to finish posting for OrgJunkie!

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RuthWells said...

Aw, thanks, MemeGRL! I'm in awe of your organizational accomplishments, especially given the ages of your kids. It took me much longer to wrest control of the house back into adult hands.

P.S. I have the Bombay & Co. lap desk, and I love it! It was my bestest friend while I was on bed rest. This was pre-internet (hard to believe, I know) and the lap desk kept lots of lists and catelogues and letters to write close at hand.