Friday, November 16, 2007

An Interesting Note

What is it with all of us women bloggers whose husbands don't read our blogs?

One of my most commented-upon entries was the one where I mentioned I'm glad my husband doesn't read my blog (because he would be mortified I'm sharing our shame with the world, even if it was for the good end of getting it cleaned up). And many of the posters were commenting that their husbands don't read their blogs, either.

What gives? I know my husband's excuse: his work IT people are very strict about allowing non-work-related web access so almost anything with the letter combo "blog" is disallowed. And when he's home, either we're together with the kids, I'm on the computer, or he's sleeping.

I used to want him to read it and felt bad that he didn't. Now, I've sort of made peace with it, and besides, this is an outlet for a lot of the things he doesn't really care about. Dinner next Wednesday holds no interest for him. (Me neither, but as the primary shopper and cooker at this stage of our relationship, it keeps me honest.)

Meanwhile, speaking of our shameful computer room: Anyone catch the compulsive hoarder story on Oprah yesterday? Wow. As I had feared, once we made the big push a few weeks ago, I've been a little um...complacent about the progress in the computer room. I am complacent no more. This poor woman--her poor family--and hooray for them for getting help. It was very motivating in a good way. And also allowed me to send up a few mental apolgies to my mother, who was definitely a compulsive hoarder but not nearly like this woman was. My mother was never a compulsive shopper, but she and my dad did inherit several households of furniture, which were then left to me to clear out. Her parents were pretty financially strapped all their lives, so they kept anything that might possibly have any used, and that habit is hard to shake generationally. It's also hard because I keep feeling like I need to find, to borrow the real estate valuation term, the "highest and best use" of anything, not just chuck it in a landfill. So, do we auction or donate? Precycle or recycle? Find a friend who can use it? Or sell it online?

And I have to admit, I am feeling like a compulsive hoarder this week as I take advantage of all the grocery sales this week, when lots of foods we eat a lot (or would if they weren't so expensive) are going on major pre-Thanksgiving sale. I have to remind myself that some hoarding really is just stocking up. We use butter. The boys eat bread. Cheese goes fast. Spanish olives? Ok, maybe a bit of a splurge, but my older one actually adores them too, so when they go on sale, grab 'em. Things pile. They'll unpile. I just need to remember to count them in to my menu planning to make it truly worthwhile.

Meanwhile, back to the clearout. And I'd tell you all what I got for my husband's upcoming 40th birthday, but I know if I did, TODAY is the day he'd start to read this blog!

Anyone else know why their significant others aren't reading their blogs?


Anjali said...

Brian doesn't read my blog because he's fairly private, and doesn't like things disclosed about our lives in a public forum. To be quite honest, I don't blame him.

Didn't see the Oprah show, but wow, I "read" through it on her website. I have a relative that owns two houses - one of them holds all of their junk - you can't even walk through it. The other is where they live (with more junk). They need serious help.

Rachel said...

I had to laugh because right this moment as I'm checking up on all my favorite blogs I'm watching that very TiVoed episode of Oprah.

I don't know why Chas doesn't read my blog. Every once in a while he will, but not regularly at all.

brandy101 said...

My hubby has my blog bookmarked on his computer at home, but I don't think he does anyhting then glance over it and make sure I'm not oohin over some crush on a movie star, or complaining about him!

On the organizing/donating note:

Since we have a mortgage, we itemize deduction for our taxes. So Every so often I go trhough our attice and get any clothes not worn within 2 yrs and bag them up and have Amvets (or similar charity) pick them up. I just take the deduction' its easier, is a social good, and mutually beneficial.

However, i have a few older style but in good shape Coach purses that I want to either consign (store right in town) or ebay...but I can't seem to make an effort toward either one. I hate having to estimate shipping and schlep to the post office but then, I would probably get more $ from ebay...

Maybe I'll just think a bit longer... said...

Hi MemeGRL, I am a husband that does read blogs and loves yours-LOL. I am not sure how I got here from my blog. ronsjourney wordpress site
I think I was following links from my site to steffielynns site to dandelionmama site to yours - anyway great site - Ron

Domestic Goddess said...

It took me ages of lurking, but I finally figure d out who you were (O!) and now you can figure out who I am (Begins with M and ends with -arj.).
My husband doesn't read it. At least I don't think he does. He can't look at it at work and when at home I'm constantly on him about his computer use vs. time he spends with the boys.Also, I told him to read it once and he was all, "Um. Isn't this like YOUR DIARY?" And I think he was embarrassed. He'd never be able to find it again, he's not good with directions...