Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Not much to say today, as we are getting ready to host my father-in-law's 76th birthday party. So as I prepare the food, we're watching the "hoorayed," as my youngest calls it, and I needed to link to this post by my friend Rocco. Enjoy your celebration, whatever it looks like!


Sue said...

Cogratulations on being the Purge Pile winner. A new space and a new gift. Way to Go!

brandy101 said...

Thanks for posting to link to Rocco's blog; I love it!

He just did an article on Old St. Joseph's (where my sister was married) and Old St. Mary's (where I was married.) Very cool stuff.

Also, I didn't know about the Mummer's Mass! V. interesting.

Hope the birthday party went well. Will you be posting pics? ;)