Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Meme! Four Foods Friday

Just found this new-to-me meme at Fun, Crafts, and Recipes. A meanie for those who are starting new year's diets!

#1. Brownies. From a box or from scratch?
I've done both. From scratch really isn't hard if you have the bakers' chocolate to do it. But I usually fall back on the box. (ouch)

#2. Chicken noodle soup. Does it cure everything? Do you make it from scratch, from a can or from a package?
I have to be honest: for the most part, I do not find chicken soup appetizing. But when I'm sick, the ring noodle stuff in the envelope is one of the only things I can fathom eating.

#3. Red skin potato salad. Do you think the red skin provides flavor or color?
Both. Also a better texture.

#4. French toast. How do you make yours?
Recently, almost always in the overnight-casserole mode. Otherwise, white bread in eggs, milk, nutmeg, and cinnamon, cooked in butter on the stove. Mmmmm....

Wanna play? I'm not sure how often I will but the link is above!

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valmg said...

Thanks for joining us! Your link has been added. I'm quite curious about the french toast casserole...