Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Sunday Bloghopping

For parents only: You must check the results of Finslippy's Worst Parenting Moments Ever contest. Remember, this is not a competition, only an exhibition. Equally hilarious and horrifying. And just what I need on some bad, bad parenting days: I am not alone.

Did I mention I loved Catherine Newman's post here? The "claws of love" part reminded me, viscerally, that these boys will not always be pawing at me. They will not always want to be carried. There is coming a day when they would rather expire than sit on my lap. And knowing that, being reminded of that, makes it easier to tolerate and even enjoy it while it is happening. It still drives me crazy, say, in the kitchen while there are hot things on the stove. But I owe Catherine yet another round of thanks for reminding me what is magic about their childhood. I do usually enjoy them being all over me. But sometimes lately it was getting to be too much. And just in time, I'm reminded, this too shall pass. And so I relax back in to it and enjoy the four year old crawling on to my lap, yet again, to try to play with the mouse and the keyboard.

On a different parenting angst topic, this one really got to me.

On a political note, as a lover of all magazine quizzes, Pick Your Best Candidate by pointing and clicking spoke to me on a deeply superficial level. Kucinich, anyone?

Who knows what price oil will be tomorrow. But I loved this blog entry because my husband has talked about this for a while. As much as we whine about how much gas costs, a gallon of milk is still more than a gallon of gas, and yet we're not whining about that.

And, just to complete the randomness, and end on a much better note than the start, I don't know how far this story has gone, but I loved it. The story of the master, the servants, and the talents has always bothered me on some levels. (The master knew the third guy had limitations, right, or he wouldn't have only given him one talent! And would he really have been easier on him if the servant had taken the chance and actually lost the money? I know, that's not supposed to be the point, but I really feel for that poor third servant, whatever that says about me as a Christian.) But this was a real feat of the modern world: building community, self-esteem, and coffers. Genius.


Shelley said...

Link in last paragraph doesn't seem to go where you thought it might.

Pleased that your "hiatus" still included Sunday bloghopping! What about Menu Planning Monday?! We NEED Menu Planning Monday!

O said...

Good catch, Shelley...when I checked it before posting, it still went there. I'll have to seek it out again in my spare time.
When I'm not planning new menus, that is!