Friday, January 11, 2008

Four Foods Friday #2

Hmmm. Weeks like this one are why this might only be an occasional thing for me. These four foods don't necessarily inspire me. Though they might inspire you...if so, go here to pick up the meme!

#1. What’s your favorite kind of crepe?
Savory: there was an amazing spinach crepe at the little place around the corner from us in Dupont Circle when I lived in DC. Sweet goes to the crepe place in the student center where I work (they used to sell crepes from a truck; I love that); they have one with nutella, bananas, and strawberries that I adore.

#2. How do you make ziti?
I don't. I prefer capellini.

#3. What is your favorite thing to put on toast, and which flavor if more than one?
Butter. If jelly is involved, almost any will do, though I prefer the reds; and I always liked cinnamon-sugar toast when my mom made it.

#4. When wok cooking, which oil burns the slowest? Peanut, vegetable or safflower?
No clue. I don't have a wok and hot oil scares me. Also, since we have food allergies in our family, it's now been over 4 years since peanut oil has been allowed in my house.

Foodie friends, any thoughts?

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