Sunday, January 13, 2008


It would probably be quicker to call all three of you who read this but I wanted to forewarn of a probable hiatus on MemeGRL. For the next few weeks-to-months, it's busy season at my job plus two other part time gigs, so I can't foresee a lot of time to blog.

I know some people have something that can actually tell them when blogs they read are updated (RSS feeds or bloglines or something?) but for those of you like me who just need to keep clicking to see if there's something new, I wanted to let you know to take MemeGRL off your click rotation for a while.

I'm pretty sure I'll be back, I just think posting will be sporadic for a while. (Of course, having posted this, I'll probably end up posting every day. But I really don't see that happening soon.) See you on your blog!


RuthWells said...

Have a nice break -- see you back soon, I hope!

Ter said...


I always say I'm taking break from the computer but I never do! LOL!

Look forward to seeing you when you come back!

Mary said...

hang in there with your busy schedule and look forward to your blogging return

Anjali said...

Miss you! Come back soon!

Lilian said...

Well, have a good, productive break and I hope you come back soon too. Gotta email you to learn more about the awesome hairdresser you girls keep talking about! ;)