Monday, December 31, 2007

Menu Planning Monday, Because Apparently, All Those Presents Weren't a Personal Chef

I can't believe my last post of the year is probably going to be an MPM, but I suppose it's fitting. What started as a personal challenge to myself turned in to a great habit this year that has saved me money and aggravation without causing too much disruption in the rest of my life. Quelle miracle!

It was a wonderful holiday, though; the idea that Santa left any presents at all (instead of coal; my boy was glumly steeling himself that at least if he got coal, it would have to mean a trip to Strasburg Railroad to give it to the trains who could use it, after all) was a thrill, and that he got The One Thing he wanted more than anything else really sent him over the edge (in a good way). And the two year old, who only wanted turtles, was so thrilled with his brother's toys, we STILL have unopened gifts for the little one on the couch in the living room. Which, I know, is a miracle for the four year old too, that he hasn't ripped them all open himself.

Anyway. A strange menu-planning week but an easy one....

Monday: Finally trying the Lemon Chicken Schnitzel, with cauliflower on the side.

Tuesday: Happy 2008! My father-in-law's birthday; we're hosting the party. An intimate family dinner of 17. Honeybaked ham and turkey; potato salad; green salad; some other veggie (delegated); our favorite crock-pot pork roast; mac and cheese; and more appetizers than any 38 people would eat. I have GOT to clean out my freezer.

Wednesday: Leftovers.

Thursday: Leftovers.

Friday: Might eat out. Might be soup from a ham bone. We'll see how the leftovers go.

Saturday: My husband's boss has his traditional after-holidays open house. I'm not going but I won't have to feed him so that makes it easy.

And HEY, one of the stocking stuffers this year was Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt, which I have always loved with oil and vinegar on a salad or sprinkled on mushrooms broiled with butter. But my sister-in-law discovered it when someone brought it for dinner during her recovery in the following format: Sprinkle on chicken breasts on baking sheet/pan/whatever. Cover in foil. Bake at 350 for 45 mintues. So easy, the boys loved it, and a total godsend as it's a product I always have in the house.

Merry New Year, everyone. Any resolutions? For the most part, we try to make ones that are kind to ourselves, rather than beating ourselves up, but this year, I am going to try very hard to not eat after dinner/dessert. I have gotten in the bad habit of eating when I am tired, confusing one need for another, and need to cut it out. A new year is as good a time as any to start a new habit, right? Now I just need the "kind to ourselves" one too. Our best ever was the "try a new restaurant every month" but with the added babysitter cost that is now prohibitive. I'm thinking "one on-demand movie per month" which would thrill my husband....


Mommychicky said...

The schnitzel is calling to you... Have a great week!

Domestic Goddess said...

No resolutions here. I never make them. Count me as one of those people who feels i need to reinvent myself all year long, not just one day. I know it is traditional, but I can't bring myself to make a promise that I know I am not going to keep in two weeks (and thus, be quite disappointed in myself!).
We are also hosting dinners this week so I am prepared to eat leftovers!

brandy101 said...

yeah, the evening carb crunching has to end for me, too.

Pretzles though low fat, still have calories...I have to remember that! lol

We love the janes CMU salt, too! My husband got me into it; he likes it on baked potatoes.