Thursday, December 6, 2007

BooMama's Souptacular Tomorrow

It's A Soup-Tacular!
Hey, in case you don't read BooMama (Anjali and Lauren especially), she's hosting a Souptacular tomorrow. Which fits in great with our weather here--snowy and cold, though the sun shined enough today to melt the snow off most of our front yard. (I forget when leaves are down how much sun we get!) Get your soup posts ready--yum!


Ter said...

ooh , I love soup, but not so much the canned stuff. hope I don't forget, so I can check out the soup recipes!

brandy101 said...

I do love soup BUT only healthful ones. I had an incredibly delicious butternut squash soup at a high-end French Restaurant last week; I am guessing that somehow, butter and cream were involved...oh well.

PLEASE don't tell me you are going to make that trashy baked potato & cheese gunk she has listed on her site. That is SO NOT GOOD for ANYONE (except maybe the cardiologist who gets paid for the angioplasty you'll need after ingesting it!!)ha!

I mean, if I am gonna indulge in something "junky", it is going to be either BOOZE or DESSERT (or both!!) ;)

I have a recipe for a delicious low carb, lower fat, lower sodium beef/mushroom soup that my husband (a usually soup hater) loves. I will try to dig it up and post it on my blog; it was from the Atkins website years ago when that was en vogue.

Oh, and I don't wanna hear about your "cold" weather in Philly: it was FIVE degrees here yesterday when I took my kid to the bus stop. 5. F-I-V-E! (j/k)!!! ;)