Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WFMW--Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Warning & Tech Solution

Hey, WFMW folks! I've been out of the loop for some time because my computer was on the fritz. No one could figure out what to do. My virus protection found nothing, my spyware zappers were going aces, and yet I had all these strange things happening to my computer. If I hesitated in typing at all, the cursor would slide backwards in my word or sentence, sometimes jumping back to the start of the line, paragraph, or page. And my web browser and other windows couldn't "hold" a page, and with no prompting at all, or when I tried to click on something, would instead go back to the home page, or up a folder, until I was back at "my computer." When I called for tech support, they were ready to just reload my whole computer to start over.

Then I got lucky and mentioned it to an IT guy at work. "Hmm..." he said, "The sliding cursor sounds like a keyboard issue, but that's pretty strange."

Well. Thank you IT guy. I came home, unplugged my keyboard and wireless mouse, plugged in my old keyboard (which thankfully worked) and a new wired mouse (since my old mouse's death prompted me to buy the wireless ones to begin with). And suddenly, my problem that multiple techies couldn't solve, was completely gone. The entire thing works fine and dandy again.

Now that it's working, I have been able to do some research and have found that bluetooth devices can interfere with wireless keyboard and mouse systems, causing these exact problems. But in my long (over 2 months!) search for some assistance with this, not one tech person ever asked if I had a wireless mouse &/or keyboard.

I hope this never happens to you. But if you do have these issues, try a new keyboard and mouse first. I still miss my wireless for lots of reasons, but I missed my computer more. And cheap solutions work for me! What's working for other people? Check Shannon's blog to find out!


Domestic Goddess said...

We had issues with our first wireless mouse when we discovered that my husband's laptop's wireless modem was interfering. He has been using a plug-in and we replaced the keyboard AND mouse and now it works fine and dandy. Someone told me it had to do with frequencies and radio signals, kinda old-school stuff that the newer techies have no idea how to solve, I guess.

Mom2fur said...

I haven't had this happen, but if it does, I'll check this as a possible solution! Thanks!

Motherhood101aplus said...

Sounds like your friend saved you alot of money. He deserves a treat.

Domestic CEO said...

So glad you found a solution!