Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sliding in to July

Last week was a lot of first-world ill-fatedness--literally. I caught the stomach bug that the one child had, and while he was up and at'em and ready to go in 36 hours, six days later, I'm still working on equilibrium. Fortunately there was camp, and friends who helped, but I am ready to kiss that goodbye.

And that's really unfair; we had some great successes too. In our town, the entire third grade spends the month of May doing an African dance study. It's awesome. I know, it sounds like one of those, "Oh, Ok, I'll keep an open mind" kind of things but wow--it was amazing. It is still giving me a zillion pangs, reminding me what a kinesthetic learner my older one is, wondering if there is a school in the world where they teach math so he can incorporate it with motion while that young body is still growing and loving the movement. But the cool thing was, they offered a summer family class in African dance at an arts center near us, so we went. All of us. The youngest was very skeptical. The oldest was bummed he was the only boy but still couldn't wait to get started. So we are all learning kakilambe this summer as a family. I am so happy. And so are they. We also went to a diggery doo concert so we felt very multicontinental last week.

Other success: the kids finally got some swim practice in and both enjoyed it enough to want to move up to the actual swim team. This is excellent for several reasons. Daily practice = exhausted kids. Swimming = something they are both good at and that I can support fully.  Both hate competition and the season is half over--they may never get in a meet and we are all totally ok with that! And for this week, when I felt crummy--it kept them busy and safe while I was jogging to the nearest restroom on a regular schedule. I can't wait to see how this goes when everyone is well.

So, on to food. For the ill-fated town picnic (victim of the late afternoon thunderstorms that arrived without fail every afternoon last week), I tried something new with the old favorite corn tomato pie (sidebar) and made Catherine Newman's lemony chive dip, as I think she calls it. We had snap peas and asparagus and so it was an easy use for both. I used lowfat mayo, trying to get rid of it, and next time will try with full-fat because this tasted extra-salty to me (and I went light on salt). But it was quick and easy and light and yummy and a good easy dip, so hurrah.

Since I was backlogged with dill, I used a lot of it to make the corn-zucchini-tomato pie, and still more to make the salmon sauce I love. Note to self: when you make this sauce, just freaking triple it. Triple. I could drink the stuff. That doesn't say much for me, my restraint, or my palate, but there it is.

And since I had the creme fraiche, I made the broccoli pesto while it was in the fridge. I was unable to cook anything last week so I have a lot of room to make up this week.

Monday: salmon (trying again), rice, zucchini-corn-tomato pie leftover if there is any

Tuesday: Lego build! Out to dinner.

Wednesday: African dance taco night. Or broccoli pesto night.

Thursday: Happy 4th! Our block party is SO low key this year. No flyers, just random neighbors saying, Are we doing something? I think someone ordered the street barricades. Or not. Who can tell? I will have to have a burger for burger boy, and I have a lot of plain yogurt so probably the yogurt marinated chicken for the rest of us. We'll see how it goes.

Friday: Whatever we didn't do on Wednesday.

Wishing you a great week full of patriotism and things that make you happy!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Is the start of camp a national holiday?

This week, lots of families we know are packing their kids off to sleep-away camp. My kids have no interest and I am grateful. But I do love the little half-day mini camp so I can shop and go to the dentist and other things they kids hate to do with me. So I am welcoming camp cheerfully and with an empty refrigerator.

Alas, the younger boy has a summer flu, particularly painful because right at this very moment, I should be heading to New York to see Alan Cumming's one man show of Macbeth. And I am not. My husband is. Happy anniversary honey. I am seriously bummed out but I know he'll get more out of it than I would, and I loathe going to New York so he wins. Sigh.

So, here we are.

Sunday: leftovers, noodles for sick boy

Monday: salmon with dill creme fraiche (probably with sour cream but I have all this awesome dill), rice, asparagus (it's our 18th anniversary, and since I am missing our celebration I might as well at least make a celebratory dinner, right?)

Tuesday: taco Tuesday

Wednesday: it's spaghetti Wednesday but it will be pretty hot, so I'm thinking about the Giada orzo salad on the sidebar, or possibly the broccoli pesto orzo.

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: town picnic! I will probably make the corn-tomato pie again as it is usually a hit (and why not?!) and I have all this yummy dill.

And that's the week to come. Hope your week looks however it is you like your summer to be. Have a great week!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Oh, welcome Summer! The boys are off, I am off, and life is taking on a new routine. This week is the calm between the school and the camp, so we're a little bit wandery.

The new CSA is awesome. Not just cut herbs, but plantable herbs! Not just what they grow, but what I want! So this is a nice change though I miss my old site, a lot.

Monday: On the road. We will be coming back from DC. Husband is on his own as this is a mom trip.

Tuesday: Wow, I hope we are at the beach. Weather makes that look unlikely though so taco Tuesday to the rescue.

Wednesday: Lego Build! So out, again. This is shaping up to be a great week.

Thursday: Veggie day. We'll see what we get, and I'll make that and then also chicken nuggets for the kids.

Friday: Neighbor kid's birthday party! The video game truck is coming (did you ever hear of such a brilliant idea?) and all families are invited to join for a grilled dinner. Yes please.

I love this week. Not worth posting really, but when I start to panic that there is nothing in the fridge I will calm myself by reading this to remind myself why. Happy week!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Week of School Already?!

One hundred seventy five days down, five to go. My younger son would like to add a smiley face to the title. He can do that on his blog. :)

Last week was the big one--lots of parties, lots of end of year events. This one is a slow crawl to the finish, with our last four regular days of this school year. It was a good one, with a not-too-crazy schedule, some real growth all around for the family, and a good time to end.

Monday: Oh, did I mention the baseball team is still in the playoffs? They are, so this has to be a quick one. Steak, spinach, potatoes.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday rides again.

Wednesday: Pizza night replaces spaghetti night. Someone who used to be a ref for my husband's soccer league is running for mayor of his new city (and it's one you've heard of). He's having an event in our town, where he grew up, and we're going.

Thursday: Veggie pickup day--woohoo! We are in a new CSA and while I very much miss my former site hostess, this is a better match for our family's eating patterns. So, salad, and either Monday leftovers or freezer cleanout.

Friday: Since the young one is here, he is suggesting spaghetti night replacing pizza night and so he's going to win this one. Spaghetti, meatballs from the freezer, and a big celebration of the end of the year.

Have a good week! See you on the other side of summer.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Must be the rocket ride to the end of the year here. It's a crazy week--next week actually looks better but this is the End of Everything week. Ok, that sounds a little apocalyptic but really--just a ton of stuff finishing up here.

Monday--swim team tryouts (he made it! but elected the "jv" squad to work on his strokes more--I thought it was a great decision and was very proud that he made the team, tried the practice, and then resisted the temptation to stay in a level that was a little too advanced for him--really an exhilarating mom night, so I can only imagine how he felt). Tacos after practice, and after throwing a ton of fruit at them after school.

Tuesday--"graduation" night for the kids in the language program so a special French-Spanish-Chinese buffet at school. We're bringing lemonade and pico de gallo and chips. It's all I have in me because tomorrow is the third grade carnival and I am having a nervous breakdown about that.

Wednesday--Apres-carnival pasta, and collapsing in a heap.

Thursday--birthday party for the 3 year old cousin

Friday--graduation! Wahoo! I will pick up a pizza and we will eat it at the stadium. So, so excited and so sad at the same time.

That brings us to another fun filled weekend...see you then!