Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MPM--Better Late than Never

That was last week, too, I suppose. Things have been busy around here. There has been a plan, but alas, "Post the Plan" didn't make it past the planning stages. Main issue: my dearly beloved laptop died. Please say a prayer to the saints of data recovery for my photos, which were backed up but not daily, and I'd just downloaded a bunch. So clearly, I'm out of NaBloPoMo this year. Which is ok.

Monday: turkey breast, cauliflower, roasted carrots, leftover "baby bat" (mini bow tie) noodles with butter & parsley

Tuesday: I thought I'd make mushroom lasagne, but the call went out for crabcakes, and I am no one to argue this great idea. Salad, beets.

Wednesday: Mushroom lasagne. Which translates to "hot dogs or chicken fingers" for kids.

Thursday: Leftovers.

Friday Last football game--woohoo! Well--the team is going in to the playoffs, but we are not.

Last week was good--nothing really new--lots of finishing the old. This was fine. I'm too distracted on the not-my-computer to do a good job with this post, but wanted to let you know--I'm fine, just my computer isn't. Hoping your life, cyber and otherwise, is going better this week. See you on the other side of a new hard drive...