Sunday, June 22, 2008


Greetings, menu seekers!

This is another week with some half-baked (ha ha) excuse for inspiration. (Of course, REAL inspiration is arriving shortly in the form of The Best Babysitter Ever--woohoo!--so I might be varying from this while she enjoys a "real" kitchen again.)

Monday: out to dinner. Our anniversary is actually Tuesday, but we have the sitter tonight, so there it is. Hubby is surprising me with the place so that should be fun.

Tuesday: Leftover stir fry. Those chicken burgers never happened; I got distracted by Don't Eat Baby's stir fry. I had extra meat (don't ask; not paying attention at the butcher's at all) so despite having the largest head of bok choy I'd ever seen, the veggies are gone and all I have left is steak. So I'm adding broccoli and snow peas to finish it off.

Wednesday: Finally, those chicken burgers. Yum. Big salad, and probably more asparagus. Might try this recipe from the freebie healthy food magazine my stores give out. (Because yes, in a fit of delusion I actually purchased red lentils for some other recipe I will never get to in a jillion years.)

Thursday: Veggie day again. Probably leftover chicken burgers but with new and different sides. For my son's sake, I'll probably make baked tomatoes. I don't know how the rest of the world makes 'em, but here, I cut a tomato in half across the equator of the tomato, squeeze out most of the seeds, and fill with the amazing homemade bread crumbs from my sister-in-law's Italian mother-in-law. (I don't think there's an easier way to explain that.) Then I pop under the broiler in my toaster oven and watch like a hawk so they don't burn. Sometimes, when I feel inpired, I drizzle or spritz with olive oil. My son will easily eat an entire tomato this way.

Friday: Pizza at the pool. Lovin' summer.

Happy week, everyone.


RuthWells said...

Hey, Oonie,

Your AOL email account is bouncing back to all of us while emailing to find a date for a get-together. Do you have a new email address?



Domestic CEO said...

O - please e-mail me. I keep sending e-mails to you that get sent back as undeliverable.

Unknown said...

I'll third the email issues.

And those tomatoes sure sound yum-yum!