Friday, November 20, 2015

Hummus Experimenting

So, once upon a time, I used to make a lot of hummus with my picky younger guy. Then Bobbi's was created and came to our market and it was so so good we stopped bothering.

Now Bobbi's is unavailable. I could weep. And now I am stuck testing hummus recipes again.

I got some tahini but one of the awesome part of Bobbi's was that it was tahini free. I know that is sacrilege, but it allowed the garlic and lemon to shine. I tried this recipe from a mothering site that claimed to be like Bobbi's but it was so runny, it was soup, rather than hummus, and I cut back on the liquids! I ate it anyway but more as a sauce than a dip.

Next up: Ina Garten's hummus. She is usually reliable.

I am wishing I captured the hummus the little guy liked once upon a time! Oh well.

This is post 600, if you are counting. Blogger is, so I'm not. :)

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