Wednesday, December 5, 2007

WFMW--What Do You Make for Dinner?

This week is another theme WFMW, asking, What do you make for dinner when it's already dinnertime and you have nothing ready yet? Funny, this was my reverse WFMW request in backwards week a few weeks ago, and I got some great ideas there.

My failsafe? I always have spaghetti and butter in the house. Everyone will eat that. Lame, but there it is. Usually, I also have other things that make me not feel like a terrible mother, like tomato sauce, several varieties of cheese, and herbs for on top. Also, I'm lucky that the one boy adores carrots and dip (any dip) so that's easy for the veggie guilt.

I have also gotten better at not just picking up interesting esoterica at Trader Joe's and actually getting things that can be Dinner in a Pinch--some of their stir fries or gnocci or tortelli go a long way on a bad night.

Finally, if I can get myself to a store before the critical moment, I am a huge fan of rotisserie chickens and a bag of salad. If I'm feeling especially adventuresome, I will do Hurry Curry or something else from The Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook.

I'm sure other people have much better ideas than I do so I can't wait to go read them on Shannon's blog. Have a good week!


Unknown said...

Pasta and carrots are always on hand here as well! And everybody likes it! Yea!

Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches are a big last minute thing, too, and I just slice up apples for a side dish.

Domestic Goddess said...

We always have pasta, pizza and veggies to slice for salad or dip. Bug Boy will eat anything (except for gravy, for some weird reason) but Bug aboo eats NOTHING. NADA.
And carrots? Even the dog likes those. We once left a bag of them on the table, I took the kids to the bus stop, and they were gone when I got back. Oops...