Wednesday, September 19, 2007


BYOB usually stands for "Bring Your Own Bottle," usually meaning wine, to some chichi little place that either doesn't have or doesn't want a liquor license. While these are some of my husband's and my favorite places, that's not what this tip is about.
Remember Earth Day, back in April? I decided April was as good as January for making resolutions and resolved to bring my own bottles of water. I went to Target and got a plastic bottle with a spout; then I watched Oprah and learned that there was some controversy over whether #7 plastic leaches low levels of toxins in to whatever foods you put in them. I happened to be in the shopping center with our local natural foods store, which was just expanding, so I went in there and bought a stainless steel bottle instead. I also have a few other plastic "sport" bottles, but not many that fit in my car's cupholders, so I usually stick with the stainless steel bottle.
Now when my kids and I are going out, I just fill the water bottles from our tap before we go and we have clean, fresh water waiting for us, without cluttering up the car or the environment with more plastic trash. It's such an easy thing to do. I still have some bottled water around; after 9/11 and Y2K, I didn't go all paranoid, but I did decide that water was the one thing we should always have "extra" of in case of emergency, so I don't want to pretend I'll never buy bottled water again. But the stainless bottles in particular are great, and paying less and drinking more are working for me!
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Unknown said...

We started doing this earlier this year. I love the SIGG bottles, and the kids take them to school with their lunches. Unless I forget them, we've ditched plastic water bottles completely.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

More than one great tip here!

Drink more water and save the environment!

I didn't know about this #7 thing. I guess we'll be looking for new water bottles, too!