Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes We Can

We saw history in the making today. It was too cold to put the boys through the Wilmington speech (and we certainly weren't invited to the teeny crowd in Philly) but the slowdown past a station in Delaware was just right. (And, it was A TRAIN--so that gets me some buy-in from the kids.) Big, big thanks to the people from Dunkin' Donuts who kindly gave my boys donuts (since I didn't bring my purse--too big a hassle to get through security) and the Wilmington News-Journal reporter who gave the boys handwarmers.

And then the train came.

I figured someday in my children's lives, they would see a non-white president. I hoped I would see one, but didn't really count on it. I never dreamed that the first president my kids would actually be aware of might be anything demographically out of the ordinary. I am keeping these things in my heart, and trying to not make a big deal about this to them. I want them to see it as something totally normal, and not worth making a big deal over. It's a thing that is worth celebrating, as I do see it as a big step for the nation, but the real work begins Tuesday. Until then, I'm glad to help our new leader celebrate. (And to wish his wife a happy birthday. Bet she's never had one like this before!)

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