Sunday, January 11, 2009

MPM--Dog & Boy Recovery Edition

So, it was a good week last week. Sort of. The boys went back to school, and now the older one's vacation starts this week. (Don't. Ask. He goes to the preschool in the high school and has to wait for the next set of high school kids to get up to speed on child development and lesson planning for the term.) Then on Friday morning, 24 hours after his last school day until February, the stomach flu hit. It was mercifully brief but wow, the timing was something. And the dog had surgery, leading to all kinds of unpleasantness in recovery and aftermath. She can't go up or down steps for at least 5 weeks. We live in a split level. And she weighs 50 pounds. And hates to be carried. And wants to sleep in our bedroom with us. We'll get by. But the week of February 10 will be a big one around here.

So, I'm back to some old, easy favorites this week...

Monday: chili over rice or noodles, roasted baby carrots

Tuesday: Greek chicken burgers, sweet potato fries, broccoli

Wednesday: Rachael Ray Tagine-style chicken, couscous, another iteration of carrots

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: either out to dinner or freezer meal

Have a great week, everyone!

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PlanningQueen said...

The Greek Chicken Hamburgers sound delicious. Sour cream and fetta would give them great flavour.

I have launched a Free Menu Planner you might like to check out. Have a great week!