Friday, January 16, 2009


This week, a theme: Chinese!

#1. Do you prefer to eat Chinese food in the restaurant or to have it delivered?

At the restaurant. We lived two doors down from a Chinese restaurant for a few years and as good as the food was, the odor of the kitchen was enough to make me not want to bring it in my house ever again after we moved. That also coincided with going to one of the very best Chinese restaurants in the country, and really, it was never quite the same for me again. Worth it, but alas, never quite the same.

#2. Do you prefer wonton or egg drop soup?

Wonton. By a mile. I love dumplings in general, by themselves, in soup...doesn't matter.

#3. What flavor fried rice is your favorite?

I like veggie, really. I never quite trust the shrimp or pork.

#4. Describe your favorite item on the Chinese food menu.

For nostalgia? Sweet and sour shrimp. For my tastes now? I love cashew chicken, though I often end up ordering mu shu veggies (veggies in a savory hoisin-based brown sauce, served with little "pancakes" that you make a burrito/taco thing out of) because it's "safe." I almost always like it. But my favorite items remain the veggie egg roll and those little fried noodle thingees that come on the table, dipped in duck sauce.

And I'd be remiss to not mention that Thai has surpassed Chinese as our favorite Asian food in the house. It has a different set of flavors that seem a little brighter to me.

Wanna talk about your favorite Chinese food? Go to VALMG, here, on her spiffily newly designed page, and play along!


TuTu's Bliss said...

In Oklahoma it was restaurant all the way, there was a great place and all the staff spoke Chinese, a touch of English and it was located in a hispanic neighborhood where all the residents spoke spanish. I just loved going there and not understanding a single thing. I didn't have to hear about Sue's hemroids or Dave's affair via loud overhead cell phone conversation. Hawaii has a TDF Thai place, take out :)

brandy101 said...

Aha! YOU also call the dipping stuff *Duck Sauce*.

Out here, its *sweet & sour sauce*. To go with the fried noodles and your glass of *pop*

I had to learn to ask for the right thing - I used to get quizzical looks asking for extra packets of *duck sauce*

Our family classics are General Tso Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Chicken fried rice, Chicken lo mein, and of course, chicken lettuce wraps.