Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WFMW--Holiday Review

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were good. So here we are, one day after Epiphany, a few weeks after the end of Hannukah, Kwanzaa is over and Diwali is a vague memory. Many of you busy bees are probably done putting Christmas away already. But if you aren't--or even if you are--take ten minutes today to jot down things that worked for you this Christmas and things that didn't. I had heard this for years but never took the advice--in all the green tubs in the basement, how would I find a list like that?

So I wrote a blog post for myself.

In the post, I wrote the things I loved about Christmas 2007 (the Boxing Day solution, the idea I had for the next year's theme for sibling gifts) and the things I didn't (the tree stand was rusting through, the bulb in the light-up snowman didn't work anymore). And, in a stroke of genius, I attached a picture of How We Did the Lights. (Real genius would have been embedding my husband's video of the connections, etc., but one step at a time.) Lastly, I took the best ideas that were new-to-me and wrote WFMW posts about them.

I set publication dates for November. And then they popped right up in my "scheduled blog posts" list right when I needed them.

That TOTALLY worked for me. I loved a blueprint for our front lawn's nuttiness. I loved reading about the successes of the last year. And this year, I've been happy to do the same thing. I just have the post in my "saved" file, and when I think of something else to add (note: need more tissue paper for packing ornaments next year; buy on sale this year) I just pop it in the post. If you want to keep it on your blog but not post it, don't schedule it; just save it (at least on Blogger) and it will stay in your "saved" list indefinitely.

And that, my friends, is working for me. Want to see what's working for other people? Go see Shannon's blog!

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Domestic Goddess said...

I only wish I had the foresight to make blog posts ahead of time. I usually just sit and type whatever is on my mind at that precise moment in time. I rarely even think about what I'll post ahead of time. Imagine what I could write if I PLANNED IT!