Sunday, January 25, 2009

MPM--Fresh Starts

Happy Monday to all! Last week was as crazy as expected, with the large exception of the three (count 'em!) 24-hour bugs that ran through the house. So we didn't stick to the plan as much as I might have liked but we're getting by, now that everyone is better. This week, assuming all is well, should be good starts with a visit from The Best Babysitter Ever, which has had my boys over the moon all week. They can't wait to show her how they swim underwater now, and want her to take them to Dunkin' Donuts, and want to play with her...she'll be exhausted by the time she gets back home! She is very kind to be with us and we (my husband and I) enjoy her visits as much as the kids do, so it's been wonderful to have her back, however briefly.

This week has a few nights out so again, some kind of dine-and-dash things, and I have some new recipes to share...but no time to do so tonight. Sorry! Stay tuned...

Monday: leftovers (or, if we're really lucky, TBBE will have time and energy to make her beloved lasagne)

Tuesday: tarragon chicken and leeks from The Splendid Table, naturally; too-easy rice, from The Splendid Table, and roasted root vegetables from A Year of Crockpotting before my rutabega walks itself to the yard for planting.

Wednesday: Taco night, yes, again.

Thursday: Spinach lasagne rollups, salad.

Friday: Out. My nephew has been the manager for the basketball team all four years of high school, and it's senior night, and he's one of the honorees. So sweet! We're so excited for him. And I am assuming they sell hot dogs, etc. at the game. We'd better hope so, at least, because there won't be time to eat before the pre-game festivities if our schedule holds true to normal.

And, uninspired as it is, that's our week! Next week, I will provide reviews of last week's interesting stuff (African Peanut Chicken, for example) but no time tonight, alas.

Looking for ideas for yourself? Try here, at I'm an Organizing Junkie! Have a great week!


Mommychicky said...

Glad to hear everyone's OK - we missed you on Wednesday (and silly me just figured someone fell asleep). Tuesday sounds yummy (I do love leaks)!

Mom2fur said...

I could do 'taco night' every week, LOL! Around here, though, the dinner we repeat most is pizza--sometimes takeout, sometimes homemade!