Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Planning

Welcome to National Blog Posting Month! I have no idea how this will go for us but boy howdy, I'm going to try.

The 10/30 100 Days to Christmas post charged us to plan our Thanksgiving menus. This is easier for me than than many because our family (ok, my husband's family) is so big, if everyone brings just one thing, we're rolling out of there. And no one brings just one thing!

Of course the flip side is: no leftovers. So while I only "need" to make my own side dish, I end up making my own mini-Thanksgiving dinner at home. There's something about the smells of the stuffing veggies and turkey wafting up the stairs with parades on TV that really defines the holiday for me.

So, for the family, we will bring:
Mousse de Carrottes
Hot PIzza Dip with frito scoops (that will last about 8 seconds with all the teenage boys in the house)
a green vegetable of some kind
and I'm tempted to try the Sweet Potato Biscuits in Wondertime. Though I know that there will be the amazing ones with the little melted marshmallows on top...if the teenagers and kids leave any for when the grownups go through the line.

And at home, I will make:
One boneless turkey breast
One Pepperidge Farms Stuffing with celery and onions

This way, we can have leftover turkey, the way every family should. (And because not everyone will, I will do a test run of everything but the carrots two weeks before and give the food to Aid For Friends to distribute to the homebound elderly in our community.)

Any suggestions for a green vegetable (not salad; there are always at least three of those) for a crowd?


brandy101 said...

How about collard greens? No I am not joking. I make wicked awesome greens - usually collard & spinach together or spinach & dandelion & chard...

Of course there is the all-American Green Bean casserole...

Domestic Goddess said...

I'm a fan of brussel sprouts myself.

listplanit said...

Congratulations! You've won one of the Zipsacks from Wrapsacks on 100 Days to Christmas! All I need now is your mailing address. Thanks for visiting!!


Kelly said...

Roasted Broccoli

2-1/2 pounds broccoli crowns, broken into florets with stems attached
4 large garlic cloves, coarsely chopped
1 teaspoon dried marjoram leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese (optional)

Preheat oven to 450° F. Clean the broccoli pieces and allow to dry. Place on a large, shallow baking or cookie sheet in one layer. Add the garlic, marjoram, salt, pepper and oil. Toss to combine. Roast until tender, about 30 minutes depending on size. They should brown slightly in the process. Sprinkle with the cheese and return to oven for about 3 minutes. Serve hot or room temperature.

MemeGRL said...

Wow--what fun suggestions! Hadn't thought about greens, but my mother in law does not like them so they are out for now. And that same Wondertime article had a roasted sprouts recipe that looked like it might work. And as Kelly knows, broccoli is something my family will actually eat so that's a good idea too. Thanks, all--and thanks especially for the Wrapsack! I can't wait and will be back to you with my info soon!