Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Check out the amazing costumes from Girlfriend! We are totally indebted to her. Over the summer, when going through pictures for her son's graduation party, we came across pictures of a Thomas costume she made for him long before commercial ones were available. My boys became enthralled and wanted to be Thomas and Gordon (the big blue express engine). And miracle of miracles, she made it happen. Check out her ingenuity. These are regular boxes, covered with wrapping paper, decorated with electrical and duct tape, some handles from flyswatters, the tops of two Wet Ones containers, spray-painted G@torade bottles, some black paper and plastic plates, and face artwork courtesy of my husband. Wow! The boys are over the moon with excitement. (They just saw them this morning....I wanted to be sure they had some chance of making it to trick-or-treating!)

Of course, this is one of the most unusual Halloweens we may ever experience as we are going to the PARADE!!!! Yes, my husband's beloved Phils came through for him and he has a 28 year old wrong to right, so we're joining the other million crazies running around the city today. And this also gave Gordon a new look he's never had before.

So it's a little crazy around here this morning. In another joyous twist of the day, my mother-in-law's knee is sufficiently recovered that they are continuing their Halloween tradition of coming to give out candy at our house so we can both take the boys. I'm really excited and so grateful for their willingness (our house isn't the easiest for someone with knee issues) and her recovery.

Our candy and pretzel bowl is ready, our UNICEF boxes folded, our piggy banks raided for the UNICEFers who come our way, the camera batteries charged, the memory card cleared, our costumes ready to go. Happy Halloween to all!

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