Sunday, October 26, 2008

MPM--Feeling Like Fall

Happy Monday!

We are in full baseball mode here. Please pray for me that there is not the biggest collapse in World Series History Since 2004 or I truly fear we will have a long, hard winter.

Looking forward to this week. We are going for as many excuses to wear Halloween costumes as possible. Depending on the occasion, we end up bringing two Buzz Lightyears or two giraffes, and we are about to make a Thomas and Gordon costume from scratch. (Hold me. These crafty things are not my strength--to the point where the boys say to me flat out, "Don't YOU make the costumes, Mom, we want Girlfriend to make them." True story, though they used a more appropriate name for Girlfriend.) Top that off with three days of work and being behind from night meetings, and NaBloPoMo is looking unlikely. And hence the uninspired menu.

Monday: Broiled salmon, rice, broccoli, fried green tomatoes

Tuesday: Crock pot pork roast, mashed potatoes, salad

Wednesday: Hot dogs for the boys, turkey salad for me, carrots, possibly noodles

Thursday: My last Super Suppers meal (sniff): panko pecan chicken, peas, rice, salad

Friday: Happy Halloween! Probably crock pot: Pork tenderloin over cranberries, sweet potatoes, beets.

Also cooking for friends who had babies, and friends who are in distress. Am totally excited that The Best Babysitter Ever found dried pears, which are on their way so I can try the Bon Appetit recipe I've been jonesing for since the October issue arrived in September.

Happy week, everyone. And Go Phillies! Please, please, please....Go Phillies.


wellreadhostess said...

Go Phils!

Kathleen said...

We're definitely pulling for your Phils!

Kim said...

panko pecan chicken sounds delicious

brandy101 said...

omg, i was sick watching them try to play in the rain last night. If it wereup to me, they would NOT pick up at inning 6 and instead start all over in good conditions.