Monday, October 13, 2008

MPM--100 Days to Go Edition

On NPR this morning they were talking about these being the final 100 days of the Bush administration and contrasted them with the first 100 days. But I couldn't even pay attention, realizing that it's that close. I am praying for a toning down of rhetoric and praying for good leadership in the next administration.

But this week looms. While some folks are stockpiling for seven lean years, I'm trying hard to get to a point where I can look in my cabinets and find things. So there are lots of repeats this week.

But I must tell you, THIS autumn pork roast, while not my friend's original one, was spectacular and easy. I used my mom's orange Le Creuset (spelling?) enameled pot, which always makes me instantly settled and homey feeling. But oh, wow. I am not usually a big fan of butternut squash and could. not. get. enough of it from this recipe.

This week is a strange one. It started tonight with tacos for 17 people (ok, 16, one was a baby) for my son's 5th birthday party. His choice, but a good one; as it turns out, tacos for 16 are not much more difficult than tacos for 4 (or 3, since the little one won't eat anything but the shredded cheddar). So that was fun. This week brings three different jobs (eek!), soccer, meetings, and other fun for all, so we're staying with the leftovers. And, of course, the happy birthday afterglow. It was so fun being with him today with the huge "I'm 5 today!" sticker his dad found, and he was so proud and happy it carried over to everything else. And with that:

Monday: Leftover Sunday Roast Chicken (the veggies are all gone, they were awesome), salad (arugula from the CSA with parmesan and walnuts with balsamic dressing), baby carrots with honey, leftover Giada orzo salad

Tuesday: Leftover Tacos (we had turkey, beef, and plain no-spice beef), rice

Wednesday: Poppyseed chicken casserole, salad, squash with parmesan

Thursday: Unclear. Another 9th grade football game in our figurative backyard, so I might end up doing hot dogs and kraut in the crockpot to take to the game. Otherwise, I will probably do the ravioli with shallots and peas from Real Simple this month.

Friday: Football game. (I know, you are shocked! by this but it's at least got a twist in that we will probably go to Virginia to see the niece's game instead of one of the nephews.)

Saturday, I'm hoping to go to a friend's Milestone Birthday party where everyone needs to bring a "special" dish. I am making the Mousse de Carrottes from Le Bec-Fin. Easy, but time consuming, but oh-so-worth it. I can't wait to see what people bring.

My other off-the-map things I'm making this week: the bacon cheddar quickbread from Bon Appetit (yes, finally; I gave up on finding dried pears anywhere and am going with apples instead); more apple cake to take to VA; sandwiches to freeze to take advantage of the lunchmeat in the house and help me be ready for Lunch Bunch days.

Off to walk the dog, who is sulking since I fixed the spot where she could climb the fence. Happy week!


Kelly said...

i can get you dried pears. let me know if you want me to pick them up.

Anjali said...

A taco-birthday sounds absolutely fabulous! Glad you guys had fun!

brandy101 said...

you are way more ambitious than me, from a menu point-of-view. Kudos to you!

I wish my family would agree to eat casserole dishes (and more crockpot-based ones, too) b/c I really want to try the chicken poppyseed one you talk about so often. My crowd is weird that way. The only *casserole* my husband will eat is meat lasagna - but the kid will barely touch it so that it a big waste of food and effort.

I *love* casseroles and crockpot meals! Is that a chick thing???

Domestic Goddess said...

I need ideas for the bday bash. Can't decide what to bring!