Sunday, November 9, 2008

MPM--Last Week of Work Edition

So sad my last week of work happens this week. I loved this job, as temporary as I knew it would be. But it goes out with a bang with three days of work so I need to be way prepped.

We had a fun week last week, with similar amounts of work and less preparation than this week so hoping all goes better. We had a lot going on, including everything from a public transit adventure for me (3+ hours to get home! A hero from my former office who rescued me by driving me the rest of the way!) to the dog's birthday (really her adoption day of course--we've had her for 6 years! Yay dog!) to an amazing knight-themed birthday party for the older son (jousting with pool noodles!) to a public "bedtime story" at the place the boys take their dance and Spanish singing classes. It was hectic but it was easy to feel connected to the town this week. Now they are settled in watching Schoolhouse Rock, which they just discovered, and I'm done shopping for the week and ready to get going.

Monday: Taco night. Give the boy a thrill. (and with real beef! ooooh! splurge.) Also using black beans and rice to help in my own efforts to eat less meat.

Tuesday: Slow cooker Autumn Pork Roast. Baked sweet potatoes. Salad.

Wednesday: Chicken burgers (Tandoori style) on pitas. Salad. Beets.

Thursday: Leftovers.

Friday: Noodles, or out. Sadly, our high school is out of the playoffs. (Ok, only semi-sadly as that really increases the availability of babysitters.) But two cousins are in a school that is still in playoffs, and one is in the band and one is (nominally) on the team. (He's jv, but gets to suit up.) So we might go see them play, if it's not too cold, or there's the temporarily shelved pizza tradition.

I rediscovered sweet Italian sausage this weekend. That sauce went fast. Might do that again in a new permutation. We'll see.

Have a great week everyone.

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