Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update: Cauliflower Found!

Gold star to the commenter who guessed the veggie stand that needed police yesterday!

And many thanks to the indispensable Janssen's. Had to cross state lines to get it, but have you ever seen your kids jump up and down with excitement over cauliflower? Check me off as someone who never thought she'd see it, but there it was.

And look at that--it matches my blog!


Domestic Goddess said...

C'mon. Going to Delaware doesn't count, it's just Delaware. It's not really crossing state lines until you cross the C&D canal.

brandy101 said...

Let me tell ya, when I talk to my mom on the phone, produce/grocery buys are often a topic of conversation, so I know all the DelCo *spots*!

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!