Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Hey, I can't call myself MemeGRL and not join one of the biggest blog memes around, can I? Fortunately, living greener is a goal of mine anyway and while I try not to get preachy about it, we can all learn ways to do things to protect the earth, our families, and our wallets.

A few sites of interest are listed here.

The one I've used most is the Carbon Footprint Calculator. Because I need to be reminded that is isn't just hard on my wallet to go tooling all over God's green earth in my car.

And--thanks to my friend at Don't Eat Baby!--these items from "I Am Green" on Facebook: (Hey, this reminds me of the "purity test" that was all the rage my freshman year in college!)

I do not own any personal motorized watercraft, aircraft, or a hummer
I do not have gasoline bonfires
I recycle, even when it is not convenient
I own some second-hand / re-use clothing
I don't buy disposable plates/utensils (sometimes)
I eat only free range, sustainable animal products (usually)
I eat one locally sourced meal a week (I don't separate my food this way but yes)
I carry a mug for drinks I buy to go
I bring my own bags to the supermarket

Some of their suggestions are easier than others. Small changes add up...our electric bill has dropped since we got an energystar refrigerator, turned down the temperature on our water heater, and installed new windows.

What do you do to live green?


Mommychicky said...

I knew there was a reason we were friends, you don't have gasoline bonfires either! In all seriousness, one of my projects for this weekend is to find CFL for the lights in my kitchen, happy greening.

Mary said...

Your site is so fun and informative- I'm always learning something new. I love the carbon calculator site- how great to see how we're doing and what we could do better- interesting to see nations average, etc. too- Mary H