Monday, October 1, 2007

Apropos of Nothing (Haiku Tuesday, early)

the subway clatter
beneath my window reminds
me of being young

Did I mention I went back to work at my alma mater? And I am like a fish thrown back in the ocean from a tank? And while I miss my boys like crazy and mourn the lost time with them that I am about a thousand times more patient with them since that other part of my brain is nourished now with at least eight new non-kid-related ideas a day? My office is on top of the same subway line that my freshman and junior year dorm rooms were on top of and while I'd never say I missed the sound and odd smell that come with every passing car, it feels strangely like home.

One Deep Breath's inspiration this week: Snips & Snails: Little Boys. There ought to be something there for me this week. And where was I two weeks ago for the haiku recipes? Oh, yeah, I went back to work and got all thrown off kilter. Getting back on track here. No pun intended.

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