Sunday, July 3, 2011

MPM--There's Gonna Be Fireworks

Quick, name that song! Showing my age with that goodie from Schoolhouse Rock. Such a fun weekend--block parties, beach, parade on Monday...I am excited for the day! a national holiday in my mind...the Jersey tomatoes came in. Bliss is a tomato sandwich.

Monday: Isn't it a requirement to grill on this day? We're obsessed with the Montreal burgers from the Co-op--burgers with Montreal seasoning mixed in, and edges rolled in it too. Mmmm. Though I also have some topping for flank steak (which alas was buried in the freezer) so I might replace the steak and use the topping for that. Mmmm. I will also have the new DALS-authored yogurt-marinated chicken on the grill for later in the week. Also on the menu: double mustard potato salad, grilled Jersey tomatoes! Or just Jerseys with oil and vinegar and salt and pepper. Heaven is a place on earth.

Tuesday: it's the Lego Build night so we will eat out. At the malls near us, the lines for the Lego Build start at 3 for a 5pm build. We do not have that kind of patience so we leave at 3 and bring things to do. But 3 is a bit early for dinner and hope it will last, so we'll grab something on our way to the line. Or I'll bring sandwiches. We'll figure something out.

Wednesday: The aforementioned chicken, plus veggies from the CSA box.

Thursday: Taco Thursday. See, I can still alliterate.

Friday: Leftovers (I think "Nacho Night" has actually officially replaced Taco Night as the favorite, but I'm obstinate.)

I had my amazing week-of-eating-out last week. It was awesome. We went to an Asian place on Monday for a closing banquet, Bertucci's on Tuesday for the annual Mothers & More dinner out, Taco Wednesday, and the town picnic on Thursday. I made the usual corn-tomato-zucchini dish. YUM.

In looking for the corn for the dish, my freezer and I had a bit of a come-to-Jesus moment with each other. Turns out I'm a squirrel--I had no idea how many nuts I had, particularly pignoli. Which is good, because I wasn't paying and $12/lb for them like they are now. But you should see some nuts turning up in the near future.

In the great freezer cleanout, I made some things I might not normally have done in, say, June. But I had lots of corn, and it's almost fresh corn season here (they are selling it, but it's not really ready yet), so I made the crockpot corn chowder from Crockpot 365. Boy, do I wish my kids ate soup. Soup and a salad and a hunk of bread = dinner perfection for me. And it really couldn't be easier--I love dump-and-go recipes. This was awesome but at 3 hours, it wasn't quite done and I had to go; when I got back a little past 6 hours, the cheese was curdled so I had to blenderize the whole batch to get rid of it. It was a little lighter than most chowders, but (especially in summer) that's not a bad thing. I will definitely make this again.

While I was in Philly Cream Cheese mode (I should really just join the campaign), I made the sundried tomato and artichoke dip for the block party. I used my favorite trick of using the food processor to get the chunky things in bits so they wouldn't be too gloppy and upheld a resolution to use the baby crock pot to see if it was worth keeping. I only use it once or twice a year so the jury is out. This dip won't move it any closer to the "keep" pile. It was fine but not amazing, but for the block party? It did what it needed to do.

I also made my favorite slaw salad and realized I didn't ever post it here. So without further ado:

Fave Slaw Salad
1 bag Dole Dry Slaw
1 3 oz. can La Choy Skinny Rice Noodles
1 c. toasted slivered almonds (350 degrees for 15 min.)
1 c. craisins
1 small can mandarin oranges
1 c. olive oil
6 TBS balsamic vinegar
6 TBS dark brown sugar

mix all ingredients; mix vingar and sugar, then add oil; add dressing right before serving.
(For the record, 1 cup of olive oil seems overwhelming to me so I've never used that much in my life.)

Also? On a totally different note--Don't buy your potatoes at Target. This has been a public service message. (They were on sale for $1.99/bag a week ago and I was psyched, because I'm on a microwaved baked potato kick. In the whole bag, there was one wholly edible potato. One. This was a disappointment.)

For more meal plans, check out I'm an Organizing Junkie!


Amy said...

I use my baby crockpot infrequently, too, but it's totally worth it to me. I use it for various dips and occasionally for homemade soup if I only need a few servings. I make a bean dip that my family loves... sometimes on the stovetop, sometimes in the mini crockpot. We have it about twice a month with whatever other Mexican food we're having. (Fat-free can of refried beans, salsa, a little cheddar cheese= yum!)

You can check out what we're eating HERE if you'd like. :)

FromCristinToMommy said...

i love crockpots and always wanted a csa box- how do i get one?
i'd love if you visited my blog
you can check out my Menu Plan here

Mom24 said...

Lego build?? That sounds like something Jacob would love.

I've had a lot of problems with bags of potatoes lately. No idea what's up with that.