Sunday, June 17, 2012

MPM--Slow Slide to Summer

And so here we are, school is over, summer starting. Right now, as I write on Sunday, it still feels like a weekend, but by the time I post this--it'll definitely be vacation time. And since my husband has lunch plans for tomorrow, I know it will feel like vacation when I wake up and don't need to pack a single lunch. Bliss!

We have a high school aged friend staying with us for a wrestling camp, and had a family birthday/Father's Day party yesterday, so we are kicking things off in high spirits. But one of the first things we did was figure out how many days of summer vacation there are (hint: 104, a la Phineas and Ferb, is a gross exaggeration), and it just doesn't sound like all that many. So we're starting our summer poster (the huge list of all we hope to do), getting pediatrician and other appointments out of the way this week, and oh, yeah, I'm heading to work one afternoon. But otherwise--we'll see how it goes as the kickoff to summer is here.

Monday: Dinner A'Fare pork chops, sweet potato fries (from TJ's) with chili dipping sauce (also from TJ's), and crudites

Tuesday: the Hot Dog Meet was rescheduled, so hot dogs at the pool, woohoo!

Wednesday: this is one of my random summer work days, so something easy and ahead of time sounds good. I might do Pacific Rim Pork (from sidebar) now that my son will eat things in lettuce leaves, plus something from the CSA box. Or if it's too hot for that (likely), I'm very eager to try the Dinner: A Love Story salmon salad, and I might really cop out and use Trader Joe's pre-cooked potatoes (what a little gift for summer!) and frozen corn.

Thursday: Taco Thursday, of course

Friday: unclear. We did not do the soccer last week; instead, about 6 families just ordered in at the pool and chomped in the shade, dripping popsicle juice on our swimsuits. It was bliss. I'm hoping (hard) for a repeat.

I've been having lots of detox soup and the kids have had a lot of cold apples with peanut butter. And nectarines are coming in...this is a great season for sure. I'm dreaming of cold carrot soup and cascadilla and other joys of summer. And I really, really want an ice cream maker. I know--so dumb, when I'm trying to get rid of stuff, to add that in. But I'm taking a course in homemade ice cream at our Co-op and I wil decide from there whether it's worth it.

Anyway. Wishing you whatever it takes to provide you a happy summer! And go read more ideas at I'm an Organizing Junkie!

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