Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top o' the Morning To You

I went to the other grocery store near me this morning after I dropped off the kids. I had seven items on my list. I left the store with 12. One extra was windshield washer fluid, which ran out in my car on the way to the store. And my son's favorite cereal was on sale for $2/box, and apple juice for $2.50 (usually $3.69). Today's total: $36.13, with a total savings of $15.74. Much better.

Meanwhile, I wish a blessed St. Patrick's Day to all. Stay safe, kids. Have an Irish potato or some soda bread. If you don't like meat, have salmon tonight. Wear green. Eschew orange. My father was the elementary schools assistant superintendent for decades in a district whose colors were green and white. Every St. Patrick's Day, being the fine Irishman that he was, he would don a shamrock tie, green shirt, and shamrock socks and go to visit the classrooms in all seven of the elementary schools in the district. Woe one year to the teacher who forgot it was St. Patrick's Day and wore an orange dress! My father sent her home to change and taught the class himself while she did. He took them to the library and read them Irish folktales and taught them things like "Erin Go Bragh" and that the proper reply to "Top of the morning to you!" is "and the rest of the day to you!" I know times have changed and there would be protests and class action suits if a teacher were sent home for wearing orange on St. Patrick's Day. But at the time, it was funny, even for the teacher, who never forgot her green again.

And say a prayer or think a good thought for Ireland, where the Celtic Tiger has slunk away, and the ghosts of the Troubles are stirring again.


jennifer said...

Great story about your dad and the teacher in orange. I never knew the proper response to "Top of the morning to you!" Now I hope I'll have the chance to use this charming phrase. I'm wearing green, but haven't left the house yet today, so what are the odds...?

Mom24 said...

Happy St. Patty's day to you. You did great, I went to the grocery store for 'a few things yesterday' and came home $53 poorer. :-(

Motherhood101aplus said...

Funny. My dad normally wore orange on St. Patty's Day. He preferred his Italian heritage to his Irish heritage.
Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that my maternal Grandmom was so so Irish.

Daughter didn't have green for St. Patty's Day. She wore a red Thomas shirt.

For Halloween one year, son 1 was a pot of gold and son 2 was a leprechaun.