Friday, March 20, 2009

FFOF 70--The Eating of the Green

Fun, Crafts and Recipes#1. What’s your favorite green food?

Mint chocolate chip ice cream! Or, if you mean food that is green originally...really, any kind of lettuce, believe it or not.

#2. Do you eat anything special on St Patrick’s Day?

Yup! Green foods (think lime jello and pistachio pudding) and Irish foods (salmon, shepherd's pie, potatoes a-plenty, and my mom's Irish Soda Bread recipe). Lucky Charms for breakfast, of course. Irish potatoes for dessert (think a coconut cream Easter egg--little--but covered in cinnamon instead of chocolate). And this year, we found shamrock soft pretzels for snacks.

#3. Do you drink any Irish beverages - tea, coffee, ale, beer, etc?

Irish breakfast tea (especially decaf) is always in my house. And my husband will drink an Irish beer or whiskey anytime.

#4. Share a recipe for corned beef.

Hmmm. I don't think I actually have one. My mother used to essentially boil it in water with cabbage and potatoes but while it is a passable meal, it's nowhere close to enough of a favorite to make it worth stinking up the house for. But oh, my father used to love corned beef hash, and corned beef sandwiches. My, how tastes change! Click on the button above to join the fun!


brandy101 said...

I LOVE a corned beef special - you know, with the Russian dressing & coleslaw.

We skipped the conred beef & cabbage this year b/c hubby was at a Bulls game...and I only make it for him; kiddo and I can take it or leave it.

Emily said...

Green food? Mint chocolate chip ice cream and brussel sprouts! But not together. I recently became a huge fan of the brussel sprout -- roasted in the oven with garlic and olive oil for an hour until crispy. Yummmmmmmy! And then mint chocolate chip - not the white kind, the GREEN kind - for dessert.

Lora said...

I just learned about 5 years ago that corn has nothing to do with corned beef. I always thought it was like pimento loaf but with corn and beef. Eww, right?

Karen said...

Wow! you thought of a lot of green foods for St. Patrick's day.