Friday, March 6, 2009

FFOF 68--On Drinks I Don't Drink!

Yay VALMG! So glad you are back on the FFOF case.

#1. Coffee. Do you use ground, bean or pods?

Pods? That's hard-core! I don't actually drink coffee more than maybe 5 times per year. My husband, however, considers it part of his lifesblood so we have a fabu Cuisinart that grinds the beans immediately before brewing. He mixes his own half-caf based on all the darkest beans (regular and decaf) that Trader Joe's sells.

#2. Coffee filters. Do you use paper, gold or other? There is a permanent one in our coffemaker so I guess it's gold.

#3. Tea. Do you prefer tea bags, loose tea or something else?

Tea bags when I make it. I'm getting in to the chais, and Irish breakfast (preferably decaf) is a classic.

#4. Share a recipe for something you like to eat with coffee or tea.

Get in car. Drive to Dunkin' Donuts. Go to counter. Say, "I would like one old-fashioned donut please!" Give the nice person a dollar. Put change in tip cup. Enjoy!

Go have fun (and get better recipes) at VALMG's blog Fun, Crafts, and Recipes!


Mom24 said...

I'm not a coffee drinker either. Sometimes it feels like there are very, very few of us. ;-)

I'm not much of a hot tea drinker either.

I'm with you on the donut though.

brandy101 said...

My husband uses the senseo pods at work; I got him a senseo for his office a few years ago.

I think that is what they mean by *pods* - senseo, keurig, etc.

I love coffee but only really have one large mug per day. But I *have* to have that mug!

shopannies said...

I used to belong to group but after 20 years living with coffee drinker it has rubbed off Lol

corrin said...

I'm always amazed by the amount of people who are dependent on coffee. I worked with people who said they couldn't live with out it, but I switched them to decaf and nobody noticed. Haha.