Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge: Day 3

As Tipsy Baker is also discovering, this challenge isn't very challenging. Which is probably part of the point. There are at least six things I keep thinking I "should have" had and would have lugged my kids to the market for without the challenge. And while my local store probably isn't happy with this challenge, I am. Even though it feels like there is No Change Whatsoever in my freezer.
Other participants seem to be going about this a little differently; they didn't plan and are winging it every night. Romantic and breezy and fun, if you don't have squawking preschoolers, I'd imagine. But even as I write a longing list for my market, I am thinking to actually allow the word "challenge" to be meaningful here, I should do this another week.
But, first, time to get through this one. Tonight, leftover lasagne, and garlic bread with a store-loaf, which is not my favorite but fits the challenge. (I'm a garlic bread snob and firmly believe it should be on rolls, preferably Italian.)
Meanwhile, the bananas were going yucky, so I froze them (with peel--mistake--won't do that again) to make the banana-nutmeg smoothie from Everyday Food that I caught on PBS a few weeks ago. Of course, the website neglects to list the 1 cup vanilla yogurt in the ingredients but fortunately I'd seen the show so I did have that on hand. It was good. The kids weren't thrilled with it, but I liked it as a nice, calm smoothie.
If I do decide to do this another week, I might send my husband to the store to replenish the things we really can't substitute for (bananas, for example). He loathes grocery shopping, and I don't mind it, but I get in trouble with splurging on ingredients I don't necessarily need and get seduced by that awesome looking Garrotxa cheese (I'm not sorry). If he splurges, it's on stuff I would never eat but he will, and that would be fine too.
I did buy milk, lemonade, and tea cooler today. I suppose I could have done without any of these but that doesn't quite seem to be the point of this.
Off to figure out what to bring to the meeting tonight. I am going. I need the break from my kids (and honestly, I am quite certain they need the break from me too).


Lora said...

yeah, freezing bananas with the skins on is gross. i learned that the hard way. someone told me to cut them up and freeze them in tupperware. (or dipped in chocolate. yum) i'll try that next.

Anjali said...

Have fun at the meeting (I'll be there in spirit), while I google Garroxta cheese...