Saturday, May 17, 2014

For the Record

So, I meant to post what we had for the first communion for future reference.

The only request from the first communicant was buttered noodles (nugget shaped from Wegman's). We made two pounds, put them in a crockpot on "keep warm," and it was plenty.
He didn't care about the rest, so we went with a very Delco Celebration.
-Because he really did care, a medium sized party tray of nuggets from Chik Fil A
-Roy Tweedy's meatball sandwich special
-Wayside Market mini sandwich tray and mini croissant tray (20 each, huge hit, delicious), garden salad (yummy but no one ate it, though it was perfect as a leftover party food item in my fridge for the week)
-Colonial Village dried beef dip and potato salad
-cheese plate (because Mr. Picky loves his cheese) with Ritz and Triscuits
-320 Pico and Chips and fruit salad
-Margarita punch
-Maria's cake
-ah-maaaaaaz-ing cookies from a friend
-chips, pretzels, bugles, Chex Mix
-3 dips--onion, curry, lemon-dill

We were so lucky the weather cooperated, and it all went beautifully.

This week:

Monday: turkey breast, stuffing, broccoli

Tuesday: tacos

Wednesday: spaghetti

Thursday: Pacific Rim Pork with rice

Friday: leftovers, or pesto quinoa for the boys

We came in to a lot of hot dogs (and I mean a LOT--they were for a tailgate that ended up all but rained out) so I was looking for the St. John's Hospice recipes and it encouraged me to clean out my paper recipes and get them coordinated online. I tossed a bunch of stuff (if it called for an ingredient I don't know, it's out--I'm not at a point in my life to be experimenting quite like that) and need to get the rest connected to the blog. I was fascinated, though, to discover just how many of the recipes I'd clipped were from Jenny Rosenstrach, she of my blog obsession, Dinner: A Love Story. I had stuff from Cookie and Real Simple all over the clippings boxes. Happily, many of them are now online, so the clippings are recycled, but I am so glad she has embraced the new media and the interwebs.

Wishing you a good week!

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