Sunday, March 2, 2014

That Was Quick

Oh, Spring, you tease. Yesterday, it was 50 degrees outside, I was running around without a coat, and bagging up Gunk The Trees Dropped.

Tonight we're getting 12 inches of snow. The end. I'm really just rejecting the whole hypothesis.

Because Tuesday I am supposed to get my new countertops and I really will cry if anything delays that.

So, in this freaky week:

Sunday: beef stew while we await the snow. Last week we grilled on Sunday. I am fighting off the despair.

Monday: chicken breasts, string beans, salad

Tuesday: tacos

Wednesday: spaghetti (and nothing else--it's Ash Wednesday)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: unclear; I think we are going in to Penn for an event but my kitchen is torn apart so I can't find the calendar.

The good news is, the painting is done and the stuff is moved. The boy is getting over his strep and I am getting over mine. We are working on making the rooms inhabitable again. The husband is excited about his new job. I am excited about our new kitchen. This overcrowded moment will end and soon. And the kids had an actual full week of school.

The snow? Not so much. Back to get the snow pants out again.

Not much new to report except that Ronzoni gluten-free rotini are the best non-wheat pasta I have tried, hands down, and the restaurant (Pho Street, for locals) was terrific.

Forty bags in forty days starts, um, now. That's one Lenten sacrifice. Add to it the chocolate and soda (I was going to try caffeine but I'm not sure that will work this year) and it might be all for now. We'll see. First bag is already to Goodwill. So...good luck to you and yours with whatever your weather and week bring.

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